Food That You Clean Your Apartment With

We all like ketchup, but did you know that it is also a good copper cleaner? There are a lot of prepared food that can be used to clean your house. In this blog post, we will mention some of the most frequently used.

You can use banana skin to clean your silver cutlery. So after eating a banana, don’t throw the skin away, because you can use it to clean the silver, remember using the inside and not the outside of it. Cucumber skin is also very useful to clean any stain on any surface, also if you want to prevent the glass to tarnish in the bathroom, you only need to rub the skin of the cucumber on the mirror, and you are done. There are many natural products you can use for your apartment cleaning. If you abuse the use of chemicals, the smell will be very strong and hazardous.

If you have copper pots and pans, overtime they start getting black; there is no better product to cleaning them than ketchup. Use a dry cloth and ketchup to cover the copper surface with this sauce, let it rest for at least 15 minutes, and you will see how the acids do a great job. When cleaning the grill rack, nothing works better than using onion, first cut it in half and rub the inside to the grill. We recommend turning on the the grill a bit so fire can help clean it, and also remember to punch it to a long stick in order not to burn yourself.

When carrying out your apartment cleaning, you will probably see many scratches on the furniture, so use a walnut to remove them. After rubbing the scratch with the walnut, swipe your finger over, let it rest for five minutes, and then use a soft cloth to remove the oil of the nut.

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